To all the people who had a good christmas: have an even happier new year!

To all the people who didn’t have a good christmas: It’s alright to be upset. Not everyone has a perfect family, or even a good one. If you ended up crying, it’s okay. Please, know that people here care about you and it won’t always be like this. One day, you will have a christmas where you are surrounded by people who respect you and care about you, I promise. 


12.24.12 @ 20:5219

omgomg just saw our bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s wedding, can’t wait!

me and gorgeous sister @ my cousin’s 30th birthday

03.27.12 @ 06:104

My two smoos

03.18.12 @ 09:37

Lunch at The Quarie with the boy the other day. The food isn’t bad for all those on this side of Perth.

03.13.12 @ 04:39

The Friday that just passed will go down in history as the worst work day I’ve ever had. We got held up by a crazy person with a knife all for some prescription drugs. I am oscillating between anger, frustration and hatred, will never get the image of a mad man walking towards me whilst holding a massive knife in his hand.

This is my little smoo

03.02.12 @ 09:53

Very lucky to have tried this champagne!

03.02.12 @ 09:481